Monday, 23 April 2012

Report a sighting from Matthew Squires

Date of sighting?  = 24/03/2012

What was the time of the sighting?  = 2.15pm
How many people made the sighting? = 2

Hey there, me, my dad and mum, were at my mates place in Maribyrnong, Victoria. My mum was on balcony of my mates flat, when my mum started screaming "looks theres a Tasmanian tiger!", i was inside watching TV and i said "mum your going crazy," but she kept on screaming. So me and my dad got up went out onto the balcony and looked down onto the vacant block of land to see nothing. So i said to mum "its probably a dog", ill go take a look, so i put my shoes on and mums saying "dont get too close to it it might bite ya" i kept laughing at her, at this stage i wasn't expecting to see anything, so i didn't take a camera, so I went towards the vacant block then suddenly this animal comes out from the fence, and i was about 10 - 15 metres from it, and i can tell you it looked 100% like a Tasmanian tiger, it was different and wasnt a dog or a fox. its tail was long and stiff it ran different to a dog, and it even had stripes on its back. I swear on my mothers grave it was a tassie tiger , or a dog that looks 100% like a Tasmanian tiger, i was the closest to it, and it looked exactly like in the pictures. So i ran back up got a camera but when i had came back it had gone, i ran around into the scrub land for a hour, across the road from the apartment hoping to find it, but it had gone.

Sighing was made at Pipe Makers Park

It wasn't overly orange had a few shades of gray from memory, but what was different from a dog was its head, its tail which was stiff straight, and its tiger markers on its bum, it looked exactly like a tasmian tiger, as i was only 10 metres away from it. it also had scrawny back legs/hips.

Your probably thinking this could be anything its in a outer suburb of Melbourne, why haven't other people reported anything, i dont know. I think the location is irrelevant, what is relevant is i know what i saw, and yes my mum wasn't crazy , i can back her up. I wouldn't be on this website if i had a slight doubt that it was a mangy dog or fox. I saw what i saw and yes i strongly believe it was a tassie tiger.

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