Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Thylacine(Tasmanian Tiger) Sighting by Anon 3/3/12 between Ross and Campbell Town, Tasmania

Name and Information supplied but the person wishes to remain anonymous.

Sighting by: Anon Between Ross and Campbell Town Tasmania
Date of Sighting: 3/3/2012
What was the time of the sighting?  = 4:00AM
How many people made the sighting? = 2 
On my vacation to Tasmania i was heading south from Campbell town when I got lost (lucky me) when I saw these two creatures crossing the road. At first I thought it was stray dogs so I beeped my horn to try and get them out of the way. Then when the didn’t move I inspected them further (sorry about my English) I saw they had a black striped pattern that reminded me of a tiger. I beeped again and moved my car forward when they snarled and ran of the road. The distance was 5-10m.
The animals were the size of a medium dog and had medium to large black stripe pattern pale fur (could have been yellow) they didn’t see me as a threat until I moved my car forward all they did was stare.
The sighting was made by my brother and I and lasted for 6 minutes at dawn (4:00 AM) with the sun just coming up.  Some footprints were observed in the dirt but were not collected.  

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